Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Finally! Some Good News -

It's short and sweet people - I had an MRI and it looks like you're pretty much dealing with a lop-sided cancer patient. At present, any evidence of cancer is only on my left side - breast and lymph nodes. I was never really into my left side anyway...or maybe I was into it too much and my right-side put a voodoo curse on it's doppelganger. No matter, one more day with the scapel weilding geniuses Dr. Schrader and Dr. Goodman and I will be as good as new. Oh, except for the drinking gobs of chemicals for a few months part. It seems a bitter irony that it's likely chemicals got me into this state and now I have to ingest voluminous amounts of different chemicals to get me out of it.

So I'm scheduling a second surgery for a lymph-node dissection and will have concurrent surgeries for a second mastectomy (prophylactic due to the incidence of reoccurence with my type of cancer) and then some crazy modern reconstruction work by the brilliant Dr. Goodman. If you're waiting for me to get to the part where I describe the reconstruction in hot detail and show pictures you're reading the wrong blog. I may be an open person but I still draw a line of modesty. Besides, I had to look at pictures of my naked self at the doctors office and figured I'd do the world a favor and keep you out of the loop.

Thank you again to everyone who is helping and thinking of me. The power of your support and friendship makes all the difference.

When I have the exact dates of my next surgery and chemo I will post it on the tumor timeline page.

You are the strongest human being in the whole wide universe. Susan = My Hero.
Yea! I'm still ready and willing for that flab transplant-- just say the word.
Aw hellyeah, dawg! You just shout out to your MrsMeanyboots on when you need that fatty tissue donation and I'll be there to give it all up for my WonderSuz! You're gonna have a rack that will make Dolly Parton blush! ;) Good to hear your news. We'll keep an eye on your blog and once you're feeling up for it, your girl Bice is gonna be your Master Sushi Chef, BiceSan! We can't wait!
YAY Susan! Get all that left side bidness over with and crush it with the chemical brothers. We're back on the left coast to support you thru the second surgery and onward. love love elle and scotty (P.S. we also are high on the flab donor list)
You are an inspiration...if everyone
handled lifes challenges with your grace
and good humour...a much better world it
would be

Thinking happy healthy tumor free thoughts!
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