Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Good News!

Susan's surgery went very well yesterday. The girls trip to Michigan with Austin Hogan, their nanner, went very well too. But first Susan. She went into surgery shortly after 3 in the afternoon and was out shortly after 5. Dr Lydia Schrader performed the surgery with the help of Susan's favorite anesthesiologist, Dr. Christophe Dinello. Inspection of the sentinel lymph nodes came up negative for cancer which means that the cancer hasn't left the breast. This was the best possible scenario for the day and Dr Schrader was very pleased with the outcome. She did caution that the biopsy they perform on the sentinel node during surgery is 85% accurate. After the further biopsies today and tomorrow we'll know with certainty that we're right to be jumping around happily. Onward.

Susan has been resting, eating and getting her strength back all day. Her spirits are high because a guide dog visited her today and a musical duo serenaded her with strains of Jim Croce. And she got to do Jello shots.

Thanks for all the flowers!

Tomorrow morning Susan leaves her private room at Connie Bearg's Chateau Mount Tam and comes home to a clean house courtesy of her sister, Brigid.

Thursday we get the pathology report on My Pet Breast.

Now the girls. They are highly seasoned air travellers and yesterday was no exception.

Up at four and out the door.
Through security: don't forget your shoesies.
Let's go buy some gum!

Bice, who would rather travel by horse in the first place, felt great sympathy for Austin. After dropping the girls off with Aunt Teresa he turned around and boarded the same jet back to Oakland. Bice urged, "Save the last pieces of gum for Austin--ugh, the poor guy."

Pruney is currently on location at Aunt Teresa and Uncle Rick's Hacienda filming her debut, a fistful of frogs.

Chateau Mount Tam misses Sue. The guide dog was looking everywhere for her.The staff says "woo woo we loved taking care of Sue". Nurse Bearg had to "work" today as her patient went home!!! Call if you need me.
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