Sunday, September 10, 2006


Kathleen Foolishly Agrees to Watch Three Kids!

See how pretty and happy she used to be? It might be the last time you see her looking like this. My friend comes to me all the way from NYC just to reach my dinner plates and close the car door because after my surgery tomorrow, I can't perform those simple tasks for a week or two.

Thank you to Kath and all my friends at ILM and St. Anselm School for keeping my life and my kids life moving along while I'm unable to do it myself.

I hope all went well this week. I love you and miss you.
Hey Sue! Lotsa love to you, David and the goils. Scotty and I are thinking of you and blasting all our good vibes your way. Looking forward to seeing you soon. love love-elle

We're thinking about you!
Sounds like you have some wonderful friends,Susan. Mike and I are thinking about you lots. Tante Michelle
LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

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